Comparing the Real-World Accuracy of Mechanical Cycling Power Meters

Mechanical cycling power meters are delicate devices that perform hundreds of measurements every minute, in the very noisy environment of a bike pounded continuously by an aggresive rider, the wind, and the bumps of the road. It is remarkable that, with all these complications, the manufacturers of mechanical power meters report accuracies as good as 1-3%. Independent tests reported in […]

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Training for a triathlon? Get simple brick workouts under your belt

Are you ready to try a tri in 2015? Triathlons are a lot of fun to train for and race. They keep your weekly workouts varied and develop muscles that cycling (or running) alone doesn’t develop. You may think it is a challenge to fit in swimming, cycling, and running into your schedule but it […]

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Endurance and Friendship

Ask any endurance athlete why they do the century rides, marathons, ultra runs, or ironman triathlons, and you will typically hear how rewarding it is to test one’s limits and summon all the physical and mental strength to get through a course. Often times, the everyday athletes achieve goals that they didn’t think were possible […]

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