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Whether you're just beginning to ride or getting ready for a crit race, we have the right training plan for you.


Power Training Plans

PowerEdge has partnered with Excell Tri Coaching to bring you free, effective, goal-oriented cycling training plans. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced cyclist, you can boost your threshold power by 10% in just 8 weeks using these plans. That will translate into higher levels of fitness, smashing that goal of completing your first tri or road race, and faster race times. Guaranteed.

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If you love being on your bike, ride 2-3 times/wk, and are looking to improve your stamina, fitness, and speed, this plan is for you. It is also great for training for your first race.
Beginner’s 8-week Plan


If you are an intermediate cyclist, with several months of training under your belt and are looking to increase distance, performance, or improve your race times, use this plan.
Intermediate 8-week Plan


If you are an advanced cyclist who rides 4-5 times per week and have race or time goals, use this plan. This is also a perfect preparation for longer triathlon races.
Advanced 8-week Plan

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