Beginner’s Guide to Cycling and Power Training Plans

PowerEdge has partnered with Excell Tri Coaching to design goal-oriented, easy-to-use power training plans for beginner cyclists. Whether you want to get fit, train for a road race in your town, do your first triathlon, or have a personal cycling goal, the 8-week Power Challenge Training Plan for Beginners is a great place to start. All you need is your bike, committing to training a few days a week, and a beginner’s spirit! Here’s how to make the most out of the cycling training plans.

Most athletes do several types of rides in terms of effort and duration. Easy rides are steady effort at conversational pace, or in power zone 2. (This post explains how to find your threshold power and your power zones). You can gradually extend the duration of your easy rides, but the goal is to build an aerobic base and enjoy being out on your bike.

A second type of workout that is in your plan is a tempo ride. These rides require a harder effort than easy rides. Your breathing is a little more labored so that you wouldn’t, for example, want to be singing out loud. There is a warm-up at an easy pace, followed by the tempo ride in power zone 3, and the rides finish with a cool down.

Interval training is irreplaceable when it comes to giving your fitness and cycling abilities a boost. ¬†These are short-duration efforts alternating with short lower effort “breaks”. For example, Here you really push your pace, go above your lactic threshold, and in the process, drastically improve your body’s ability to produce high power. These segments can be 30 seconds-several minutes long, and as a rule of thumb, the higher the effort, the shorter the interval.

Here’s how to read the intervals in the training plan. Several high-low intensity cycles make a set, and our training plan indicates how many sets should be completed. For example, 4x(2 minutes @PZ4, 1 minute PZ 2) means that your working intervals in Power Zone 4 are 2 minutes long, followed by 1 minute recovery in power zone 2, and that you should do 4 of these in a row.

We recommend a threshold power test before starting your 8-week training plan and to repeat the test a couple of days after you finish it. We guarantee a 10% increase in your power in just 8 weeks! (And yes, this translates directly to faster times on a course and a higher level of fitness to boost!)


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