Science of PowerEdge

How does PowerEdge measure power?

PowerEdge relies on an innovative, patent-pending technology. It calculates the cyclist’s power output directly from measurements obtained from the phone GPS, continuous topological data, barometric altimeter data, and real-time atmospheric data. The cyclist’s profile is fed into a proprietary aerodynamic model that captures different ride positions and displays accurate power output in all conditions.

The accuracy of a mechanical power meter


Extensive comparison against mechanical power meters repeatedly shows the accuracy of PowerEdge: less than 3% error in power measurement. PowerEdge gives you the accuracy of mechanical power meters, without the expense or the hassle. The graph above shows the results of a typical test that was conducted on a Samsung Galaxy SIII Android phone with a barometric altimeter. PowerEdge achieves this with its unique algorithm that uses aerodynamic modeling, real-time access to data, and novel signal extraction techniques along with a robust physical model of the energy expenditure of cycling.


Create your unique profile

The PowerEdge algorithm is specific to the rider, bike, tires, ride position, and environmental conditions and calculates exactly the energy expended at each second of your ride. Poweredge allows multiple user profiles, for different riders and bikes. Because there are no additional sensors to install, it can easily be transferred between bikes.

How does PowerEdge compare to free web-based power calculators?

Free power calculators available on the web today offer an estimate of the power output from a recorded ride, much like the calorie-expenditure estimates offered by many fitness apps. If a rough idea of your caloric expenditure is all you need, this is fine. They do not achieve, however, nearly the sufficient accuracy needed for a cyclist interested in the benefits of power training, as the typical comparison below shows. (This test was carried out by comparing a power calculation on Strava to a mechanical power meter). The proprietary aerodynamic model and the access to real-time atmospheric and topographic data is what gives PowerEdge its unique edge.


What hardware does PowerEdge need?

Short answer: None. Your power meter is ready to go on your smart phone as soon as you download the app. You will get accurate readings for your entire ride even when you carry your device in your pocket because the sensors used on your phone work just the same when your phone is mounted or is in your pocket. While you may want to use a mount to follow your instantaneous power readings and facilitate training at pre-set power targets, a mount is never required for the power measurement.

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