Training with Power

Whether you are training for a race or simply trying to get fit, power training can help you.

What is Power Training?

Power is a metric that shows how hard you are working on the bike throughout a ride. Power meters display your wattage on a screen, which gives reliable, instant, and effective feedback on your effort. Power is the gold standard for controlling intensity.  Unlike speed, which can vary greatly with terrain and wind, and heart rate, which depends on many other factors, it is always accurate and objective.

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“It is so much easier to work within your training zones when training with a power meter. The difference between a tempo ride and an interval ride is no longer guesswork.”

– Robin Kremer, USAT Triathlon Coach

What are YOUR training goals?

Get fit with cycling.

Cycling is an excellent way to build aerobic fitness and muscle mass at the same time. Research shows that cycling at different intensity levels is an excellent way to lose body fat, build fitness, and improve overall health.

Try a new distance.

If you are looking to extend the distance of your rides, you need to build endurance riding in extensive and intensive endurance effort levels. Power training makes this easy for you by taking the guesswork out of the power zones.

Place in age group.

Getting stronger requires speed work and intervals. By knowing and monitoring your aerobic, threshold, and anaerobic intervals, you can open doors to new levels of fitness and strong race performance.

Training Plans

Beginners Training Plan

Are you a beginner cyclist


new to using power?

Read the Beginner’s guide to cycling with power

Get our free training plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cyclists here!

Using PowerEdge for Training

You can use PowerEdge to keep track of your rides and track progress. You can use PowerEdge to measure your threshold power and establish training intensity levels. PowerEdge provides a power graph
for each one of your rides. On the graph, you can see your average power and the time you spent in each intensity zone. You can also use PowerEdge to transfer all the detailed information about your ride to a training software or web service, to share your training with your coach and friends, and keep a detailed log of your progress. Knowing your wattage will transform your cycling.

Using PowerEdge for Racing

Every cyclist knows that the right pace makes a good race. Knowing your threshold power allows you to find that right pace you can sustain for the duration of a race. By adjusting your intensity correctly to your fitness and the length of the race, you will avoid starting out too fast and bonking or starting out slow and leaving too much in the tank at the end.

Keep PowerEdge displayed on your handlebar during a race to ensure that you are in the right effort zone.
After the race, you can look at your power graph to analyze your performance and devise strategies for future races.

“Cycling with power took my training to the next level and enabled me to race a sub-10 hour Ironman.”Cameron Hummels, Ironman Triathlete