PowerEdge Weather Modeling Leads the Industry

Any rider knows the extra effort it takes to ride against a headwind. Even on a flat road, it sometimes feels like climbing a hill. And let’s admit it: who has not enjoyed a little speed boost from a nice tailwind?

When it comes to calculating an accurate power output, PowerEdge has long recognized the need to factor in real-time, local conditions for the atmosphere and the wind. In its patent-pending technology developed since 2012, PowerEdge has partnered with WeatherUnderground.com to access more than 100,000 of weather stations in the US alone and many more spread out around the world. Just how local is the weather information we get? As the following graph shows, the average distance between weather stations near populated areas is as low as 3 miles and most of them update their weather report every few seconds! (It is fun to see this for yourself in your area using this link.)


It is only now that the rest of the industry starts to recognize the importance of local and evolving weather in calculating power output and power requirements. Best Bike Split of Training Peaks has now started offering local weather as an advanced feature for premium members. While the rest of the industry follows PowerEdge‘s lead, this remains a standard feature for all our cyclists on PowerEdge, as it has always been. Happy riding, whatever the weather might be!




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